Hidetools Parental Control

Hidetools Parental Control 8.4

HT Parental Controls offers an unparalleled level site and system restriction
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With the increasing number of online predators, and ever-persistent problem of office procrastination, people often find themselves presented with the difficult problem of securing and monitoring their computer systems, until now! Our latest release of HT Parental Controls offers an unparalleled level of site and system restriction that is friendly enough for everyone to use.
Recent studies have found over 70% of parents, as well as organizations, monitor and restrict Internet and computer access. What used to be viewed as an infringement of personal freedom has quickly become a necessity.
With features ranging from time controls and user level permissions, to scheduled screen captures and remote reporting, HT Parental Controls is a complete solution for your monitoring and security needs. Our advanced content matching algorithms provide a secure means to filter unwanted sites, without having to specify each address individually.

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